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  • Women

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    Did you sign up for a family, that resulted in you being a single parent?

    Are you having a difficult time getting over your previous relationship?

    Are you currently not where you want to be?

    Do you feel shunned, or left out by society?

    Do you have a difficult time understanding where your partner, husband, wife, parents, or children are coming from?

    Does more than one person say the same thing about you, but you disagree, simply can’t see it, or find it challenging to accept it?

    Do you feel like you have “been down,” or incarcerated for a significant amount of time, and now that you are home, things are different, and you are trying to find your place?

    Do you find it hard to keep it all the real with your loved ones, and just simply need to converse with a real individual who may feel where you’re coming from?